Version 2.0 – New Editor

Our vision has always been about social intranet limits further and further. We are constantly looking to enhance workplaceON and that’s what makes us diffrent.

The new Editor

We are excited to announce our new editor that encompasses our vision of how the next generation of editors will look, feel and behave.


The new smart editor toolbar is made of contextually relevant groups of buttons. It displays only the most common or most used buttons, while hundreds of other features are one click away.

The next generation WYSIWYG HTML editor

The Smart Toolbar groups all features into four context categories: Text, Block, Media, and More. It’s a simple and intuitive toolbar where every feature is easy to find and your most wanted ones are right there.

Froala wysiwyg html editor smart toolbar

Smart Toolbar


We created our own set of icons, specially designed for the WYSIWYG HTML Editor. This helped us remove the Font Awesome dependency and enhanced the editor’s intuitiveness. For example, take a look at the before and after icons for various table icons:

Next generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor